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Published by: ShadowLight

last edit: july 19, 2022

About Voice Chat

As of July 19th, 2022 IronSideMC supports the use of a custom voice chat solution, Simple Voice chat. it is not required to play, but you do have to install it if you wish to use it. this is a guide of how to do so. alternatively, you can watch this video for the same steps. this process should take no more than 20 minutes to complete


DISCLAIMER: this only applies to the java version of IronSideMC


this guide assumes you have done the steps required below, and we will not provide support for these items. if you get stuck, google it

before we get started, you need the following:

 - java minecraft

 - java 16 or higher (seperate from minecraft, required to run the mods)

Step By Step Install

before we get started, youll need to set up a mod loader version of minecraft. IronSideMC Officialy supports fabric, so heres how to do it:


1. PROCEED To https://fabricmc.net/use/installer/

if youre on windows, click download for windows, otherwise click the universal installer. you may get a message saying that this file could harm your device, just click keep anyway. once downloaded, Make sure you do not have the minecraft launcher open, then open the file


2. INSTALL Fabric

when the installer opens up, make sure you have the client tab selected, then click on minecraft version


IronSideMC Supports versions 1.12 - 1.19, pick the one that you plan on using to play on the server.


do not touch loader version. the latest one will always work with all minecraft versions.


make sure the install location points to your minecraft launcher folder. this should look something like c:/users/user/appdata/roaming/.minecraft (on windows)


if you want the installer to create a profile for you using fabric, keep create profile checked.


click install

after a few seconds a dialog will pop up saying the loader is installed. click ok

now close the installer

launch the minecraft launcher. when it starts, you should see a newly added "fabric" installation. (see below) . if you got this far, Congrats, but we are not done yet

now we have to load some game files for our next step. all you have to do is launch the game once, and when you see the main menu, quit the game. thats it!

3. install fabric api (for mod support)

go to https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/fabric-api/files

find the minecraft version you selected during the fabric install, and choose the most recent file matching that game version. click the white download button


after that downloads, find the file (for example in your downloads folder) and copy it by right clicking then copy.


now open the minecraft launcher.


when the launcher opens, go to the installations tab, find the fabric fork we just installed and click to view folder (see below)

now open the newly created mods folder.

and paste our fabric api mod into this folder.


go to https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/simple-voice-chat/files/all?filter-game-version=2020709689%3A7499

and pick the version that matches the minecraft version you installed in previous steps

now you copy that file to the mods folder just like the previous steps.

5. Run The Game (Finaly)

if you did it right, everything should work without any further steps.

join the ironsidemc server.

Using Voice Chat

voice chat comes by defualt with caps-lock being the ptt (push to talk) and v-key being the voice chat menu. all of this can be re configured within keybinds.

IronSideMC's Proximity chat is default to ~48 blocks distance. players witthin the same group bypass this restriction.