IronSideMC - Introduction

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Welcome To IronSideMC!

IronSideMC Started as a concept server under the former name of -Server109- back in 2015 under the joint ownership of KloeFireX22 and xShadowLightx, but as of January 1st, 2020 IronSideMC was Born and was surfaced to the public under the sole ownership of xShadowLightx

IronSideMC Today

we Cannot stress this enough, but ironsidemc is, at its core, a COMMUNITY. this means that without YOU, we would not be who we are. and this is the basis that underlies our foundation. 


our community consists of many like-minded indivuals. whether you are a social outcast. the "black sheep", or just find yourself on hard times. our community is a SAFE SPACE.

" We Are At War. We May Be Alone, but We Don't Have To Be. We Have Each Other, and That Is What Matters Most." - KloeFireX22

We are not just the "casual gamer". we are the night owls, the early birds, the 9 to 5's and the "moms basement gang". we like roleplay, we like fantasies, we like post modernism and we like caveman tendencies.


Today, IronSideMC consists of multiple Cross-Reference Stories and Themes. some of the most popular:

  • The Last Kingdom (Netflix original)
  • The Witcher (VG and Netflix)
  • Hunger Games series
  • Norse & Greek mythology

At its base ironsidemc carries a 1400-1500's cottage core vibe. stay in charecter!


We Are actively Writing Our Own Storyline to cross reference these genres and themes, as well as to tell an important message and a entertaining story. 


however none of this would be possible without certain events taking place to make it happen. 

IronSideMC's Past & History

to be continued...