Rules & Terms Of Service

* Rules for Minecraft *


#1 No Greifing/Destructive Behavior.


#2 To Protect our users Privacy, We do not allow the use any Cracked versions of minecraft or hacked clients, We Are NOT Liable for any Issues that may be caused By use of such.


#3 No asking for staff. there is a sign up form


#4 There is a Main Storyline that takes place on the server, please follow this story, no OOC (out of character)


#5 No Excessive Swearing ( we allow an occasional f-bomb or two, but try to keep it pg friendly for our younger audiences and streamers!


#6 No Asking A staff member for items or cheats.


#7 do not annoy staff as they are very busy. (at least they are supposed to be)


#8 No Selling Minecraft Accounts. (we can log sign-in locations and devices for every user that connects to our servers. there is a disclaimer in our privacy policy)


#9 no NSFW/lewd Convos or SKINS. the only exception to this is private convos between 2 users using the in game /msg command. keep in mind all staff members see these messages.


#10 NO CHEATING. we have a 0 tolerance policy for cheating. this includes, the use of cheat software, i.e. Toolbox, LunarLion, etc. NO spawning in items, currency, flying, xray, Doubleminer, etc. IronSideMC is based off of our own story driven realism. cheating drastically affects this and ruins the whole experience. 

* Rules for Discord *


#1 No Hate Speech/Harassment. Please follow all Discord Community Guidelines

#2 No Spamming of Chat

#3 Put Content in Their Assigned Channels. Messages in violation will be removed.

#4 No Advertisements unless in the Specified Advertising channel.

#5 No asking for staff.

#6 Absolutely No NSFW!
Please be mindfull of possible younger audiences.