Published by: ShadowLight

last edited: 07/19/2022


Whats New?

 * We Added a new Voice Chat to the in-game Experience

 * Coming Changes to the end & the nether

 * Support for fabric based mods

 * Events Support & Configuration

Voice Chat

Voice chat has been a feature we have wanted to be part of the ironsidemc experience since its conception. in the previous weeks, we developed a solution that conquered this, but it was not quite up to par. thats is why we have taken alternative steps, and today can safely say, that IronSideMC now has Voice Chat. to set up voice chat, read this article

Changes to the end & the nether

in the next few weks we will be making changes to both the end and the nether to reflect new events and lore changes. details are as follows


[The Nether]

nether portal creation has been disabled. there is a public one that can be currently used at spawn. when the events start up, the nether will no longer be 24hr accessible, but instead, on a weekly event basis to some scarcity and challenge to the game


[The End]

same deal with the nether, except with the end, the event will be on a monthly basis, to sacrifice the dragon, and pillidge resources. there will be a new portal created to reflect this and the current stronghold will be removed. NOTE: The end will be reset each time.

Added Support for certain Fabric Based mods

as with the addition of Voice Chat for Ironsidemc, we needed to have Mod Support. this is controlled and only Approved mods will be allowed. Currently, we are using the fabric framework, Supported mods are as follows:

* Simple Voice Chat

* OptiFabric (fabrics support for Optifine)

Event Support & Configuration

in the coming weeks we will be starting up server-wide events. we have added role support, for role based events. Quest Support to earn rewards for completing events

and a possibility of completing events with a party, when the time comes an announcement will be in relevance.